KeyNote 1.7

Take notes in the Rich Text format and keep them secure using encryption
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General Frenetics, Discorp.

Jot down regular or tree-type notes and save multiple notes in a single file. Format your idea as you see fit using various styles, templates or fonts, create macros to automate tasks or install plugins to extend the tool's functionality.

Advanced outliner, information manager, notebook with tabbed interface, Rich Text editor and multi-level tree notes. Voted "Pricelessware" by readers of alt.comp.freeware newsgroup ( Ideal for free-form or structured information. Stores many notes within one file. Each note can contain a hierarchical tree of topics. Powerful editing and formatting functions. Convenient and powerful search, including searching for text in all notes and boolean (AND/OR) search. "Virtual node" feature allows you to edit files on disk as if they were part of your KeyNote file. Macros, templates, plugins, printing. Ability to send notes via email. Very fast switching between notes and files. Fast, responsive and easy to navigate. Extremely configurable interface and behavior. Files can be protected with secure, strong encryption, using IDEA or Blowfish algorithms. User-configurable categories and icons. Text highlighting, word expansion glossary (auto-correct), bookmarks, expression evaluation. Import and export: text, RTF, HTML, TreePad. Clickable hyperlinks to Internet sites or local files. Clipboard capture, user-defined styles, drag-and-drop operations. Integrates with MS Office spellchecker and the freeware WordWeb thesaurus. Freeware, open-source.

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